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Domestic Violence Information

Domestic Violence

The Self-Help Center will help people who do not have lawyers in applying for and responding to domestic violence restraining orders.  The Self-Help Center will provide instructions on how to complete the court forms, filing at the court, arranging for proper service on the other side, and preparing for your court hearing.  

A domestic violence restraining order is a Court order issued to prevent the recurrence of acts of abuse by a person who is any of the following to you: 

  • spouse or former spouse
  • boyfriend/girlfriend or former boyfriend/girlfriend
  • other parent of your children
  •  father, mother, child, grandparent, brother, sister
  • current in-laws (if you have divorced your spouse, then you cannot seek a domestic violence restraining order against any former in-laws)

Additional Resources for Restraining Orders:

  • Use a free on-line program that will help you complete your court forms at 

  • Get step-by-step instructions that will walk you through the process of applying for or responding to a domestic violence restraining order at (to ask for a restraining order), or at (to respond to a restraining order)

  • Other agencies that may be able to help:    Wild Iris (760-873-6601); R.A.V.E. (Relief After Violent Encounters 760-873-9018); Inter-Tribal Council of California Victim Services (760-666-0069)

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